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Contact Details

SNAICC Office:

Suite 8, First Floor, 252-260 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy
VIC 3068

phone: 03 9489 8099

fax: 03 9489 8044

email: snaicc@vicnet.net.au

postal address: PO Box 1445, Fitzroy North, VIC 3068

website: www.snaicc.asn.au


SNAICC Chairperson - Muriel Bamblett AM

SNAICC Executive Officer

Julian Pocock  julian@snaicc.asn.au


SNAICC Administration and Finance Team

SNAICC Governance and Planning Manager

Kim Werner  project2@snaicc.asn.au

Administration Officer

Anjelique Davis admin@snaicc.asn.au

Finance Officer

Ragavan Kandiah (Raj) finance@snaicc.asn.au

Adminstrative Assistant – Finance

Bethalia Tabuai  project4@snaicc.asn.au

Publications Officer

Mark Lawrence publications@snaicc.asn.au


SNAICC Policy and Projects Team

SNAICC Policy Manager

Julie Higgins julie@snaicc.asn.au

Conference and Children's Day Coordinator

Carmen Isherwood (nee Dunn) carmen@snaicc.asn.au


SNAICC Resource Service (SRS) Team

SRS Program Manager

Veronica Johns project7@snaicc.asn.au

SRS Evaluation Manager

Liz Orr project3@snaicc.asn.au

SRS Project Officer

Rosie Elliot project8@snaicc.asn.au

SRS Project Officer

Nicole Butler project6@snaicc.asn.au

SRS Clearinghouse Officer

Tatiana Doroshenko project5@snaicc.asn.au

(More information on the SRS is available here)