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(papers can be downloaded in PDF or viewed as an html version where available)



Federal Election 2007

30 October 2007

The federal election has been called for 24 November 2007. We are making this information available to assist our members and subscribers to find out as much as you can to make informed decisions.

Election 2007


SNAICC Submission to NT Board of Inquiry into sexual abuse of Aboriginal children 2007

SNAICC has recommended a major overhaul of the child protection system within the Northern Territory. Get more details and download SNAICC's detailed submission to the Inquiry here:

SNAICC Submission to NT Inquiry March 2007


SNAICC Draft Policy Statement - Developing an effective child well-being and protection system
and the SNAICC Values Statement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

your feedback invited

SNAICC invites you to provide comment and feedback on two draft SNAICC policy documents:

Key Commitments Political Parties Must Make to Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children (October 2006)

This is a summary of the pre-election briefing paper prepared by SNAICC to inform the policy work of all the major political parties in federal parliament.

Key Commitments for Political Parties to Make (html version)

This summary was originally published in the November 2006 edition of SNAICC News.

Read the report of the SNAICC Lobby Trip to Canberra (last October) when this Briefing Paper was put forward.


Family Violence and Child Abuse Resource Page (May 2006)

The SNAICC Resource Service (SRS) prepared this page of resources and information available online to assist those developing responses to family violence, sexual assault and child abuse and neglect in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This was part of SNAICC's response to the media attention on child abuse in Central Australia in May 2006.

Family Violence and Child Abuse Resource Page


Development of a National Action Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to prevent and respond to child abuse and neglect (May 2006)

SNAICC prepared this briefing for all State and Territory Premiers and Chief Ministers on the need for a national approach to dealing with child abuse and neglect ahead of the National Summit of Australian government ministers on violence in Indigenous communities held in June 2006.

Development of a National Action Plan (100 KB)


Achieving Stable and Culturally Strong Out of Home Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children (2005)

This paper outlines SNAICC's approach to achieving stable and culturally strong out of home care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children that ensures their continuing family and cultural connections.

This paper has now been published in print and online, and can be downloaded electronically from the Publications page of our website here.


Seven Priorities for Indigenous Children

Briefing paper outlining SNAICC's seven major priorities for governments to address for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Paper was presented to political parties and governments in the lead up to the 2002 Federal Election.

Seven priorities for children


Child Protection Data

SNAICC has prepared same data sheets on the child protection system for each State and Territory. The sheets include information on the numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children removed from home due to substantiated abuse or neglect and information on how many of these children are placed with Indigenous carers.

National data summary

ACT child protection data

NT child protection data

NSW child protection data

QLD child protection data

SA child protection data

TAS child protection data

VIC child protection data

WA child protection data


ATSIC Reform

SNAICC paper on the reform of ATSIC as provided to the 2004 Senate Inquiry.

ATSIC reform submission

Victorian Government Child Protection Outcomes Report

Submission provided by SNAICC to the Victorian Government on the review of child protection. (Feburary 2004)  Vic - child protection outcomes

Reform of Child Care - Broadband Redevelopment.

Paper outlining SNAICC's response to the redevelopment of Commonwealth child care support programs.

(April 2003)

SNAICC paper: Broadband Redevelopment

Child Abuse and Neglect within Indigenous communities.

Paper provided to the Australia Council on Children and Parenting, ACCAP, on options and priorities for reforming approaches to the prevention of child abuse and neglect.
Child Abuse and Neglect - Options for Reform

Improving access to child care.

Paper provided to the Childcare Reference Group and Commonwealth Government on the childcare needs of Indigenous families. (Dec 2002)

Childcare for Indigenous Families


Indigenous Families Data

Indigenous Families socio-economic data

Statistics on Violence/Child Abuse

Indigenous Family Violence, Child Abuse and Child Neglect

Updated May 2007