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Media Release

23 August 2006

Statement by SNAICC Chairperson Ms Muriel Bamblett and Ms Alison Overeem of the Aboriginal Children's Centre (Hobart) for the launch of the National and Local Fathers Posters on Thursday 24 August 2006 at the Aboriginal Children's Centre, West Moonah, Tasmania.

Launch of the National and Local Fathers Posters

Casting a positive light on the men in our families

The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) and the Aboriginal Children’s Centre in Hobart will launch a series of national and local posters that highlight the positive role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in raising children on Thursday 24 August.

The posters feature Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, children and families. Posters were developed working with local communities in Hobart in Tasmania, Wreck Bay in the ACT, Bathurst Island and Alice Springs in Northern Territory and Yarrabah in Queensland.

SNAICC Chairperson, Muriel Bamblett, said, “SNAICC was delighted to work with the Aboriginal Children’s Centre in Hobart to highlight how Aboriginal men play such a positive role in raising children.”

She added, “we hear plenty through the mainstream media about the problems Aboriginal communities experience and not enough about the wonderful men in communities who have such a positive influence on the lives of young children. Nowhere was this more striking than at the Aboriginal Children’s Centre in Hobart”.

Alison Overeem, Coordinator of the Centre said, “Our children’s centre would never be complete without the active involvement of men from our community. Children need strong, positive and nurturing male role models in their lives to guide and support them on life’s journey”. She added, “these posters celebrate the role of men in raising children and encourage men to spend time with kids, enjoy the challenge of raising children and pass onto children their wisdom and experience.”

The posters are part of a project developed by the SNAICC Resource Service (SRS) in partnership with the Family Action Centre at The University of Newcastle with funding from the Australian Government Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

The posters will be launched on Thursday August 24th at the Aboriginal Children’s Centre, 7a Emily Rd West Moonah at 11.30am, (media representatives welcome). National posters are available from SNAICC and can be viewed on the SNAICC Resource Service website: www.snaicc.asn.au

SNAICC encourages community services and other groups to display the national posters in their waiting rooms, in meeting places, at child care centres and kindergartens, and in their shop front windows. In 2006 the SRS will be working with more local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to assist them develop their own local posters depicting men and children in their communities, using their local language and artwork.

For media inquiries, contact:

Muriel Bamblett – SNAICC Chairperson (03) 9489 8099

Julian Pocock – SNAICC Executive Officer (03) 9489 8099

Alison Overeem – Aboriginal Children's Centre (03) 6272 7099

You can download the text PDF version of this media release here.


If you would like to order the National Fathers posters, or want more information on the posters or the project, see the SRS Parenting and Men home page or
contact the SNAICC office.
To view the posters see Parenting and Men Posters online.


SNAICC Parenting and Men Poster