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23 October 2006

New ordering system introduced for SNAICC publications and resources

SNAICC has introduced a new publications and resources ordering and distribution system to help our members and subscribers order our resources quickly and easily.

This will also make them more readily available to the wider community sector and public service.

We are working with a leading Melbourne-based mailhouse, Melbourne Mailing, to ensure our key resources reach as wide an audience as possible. Orders are processed directly by Melbourne Mailing on our behalf, and dispatched by parcel post through Australia Post weekly.

Order online

You can order the publications on the internet via our webiste. Go to www.snaicc.asn.au/publications/ and click on the link ‘Order Online’. It is easy and convenient to use.

There is also a brief online survey for those ordering online. Please take a minute to complete this survey as it is important for SNAICC’s quality assuarance and evaluation activities. (See below.)

Order by fax

If you don’t have reliable access to the internet, you can use the Fax Order Form that has been included with this newsletter.

Faxing your order to the fax number provided means that your order can be processed by our distributor directly.

A list of SNAICC publications and resources available for order is on the reverse of the Fax Order Form. We suggest you keep copies of the enclosed Fax Order Form and Product Catalogue for future use.

Evaluation of SNAICC resources

As part of SNAICC’s commitment to ensuring we produce the best resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families, we are asking those who order our publications online to complete a brief survey.

We are also including resource feedback sheets with publications that are dispatched by mail as part of this evaluation.

This information is crucial to helping us in the evaluation of the SNAICC Resource Service (SRS) and in improving our resources and publications.

Order limits

There are limits on how many of each publication, resource or poster you can order at any one time. This allows us to ensure resources are available to all.

However, if your organisation or government department wants to order large numbers to distribute to regional offices/service centres, please contact Mark at the SNAICC office to arrange this.


Go to the Publications page to view and order SNAICC publications.

More information on SRS projects is available here.

You can download the Fax Order Form here if you wish to make orders by fax. (Word)


Updated 23 October 2006.

(For more information on any SNAICC News items please contact the SNAICC office). contact snaicc