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Registrations for SNAICC National Conference now closed

6 September 2007 New!

The National Conference in Adelaide is now sold out, and no new registrations are now being accepted.


Responding to NT Child Abuse Issues – What You can do

11 July 2007

SNAICC is asking people and organisations to write to the relevant Federal, State and Territory Ministers, and speak to local federal members of parliament, outlining your concerns in relation to child abuse and neglect.

You should also write to the Federal ALP requesting that they commit to a full and proper response to child abuse and neglect.

Find out how you can help here


NT Aboriginal organisations respond to the federal government's intervention

11 July 2007

Aboriginal organisations in the Northern Territory, in conjunction with other community sector organisations such as SNAICC, have announced proposals to keep children in Aboriginal communities safe from harm. It is a response the federal government's intervention in the NT.

The document, A proposed Emergency Response and Development Plan to protect Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory – A preliminary response to the Australian Government’s proposals, was developed by the Combined Aboriginal Organisations (representing Aboriginal organisations in Darwin, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine) and community sector organisations from across the country.

SNAICC contributed to its development and supports its recommendations.

More information is on the NT Update page


SNAICC's response to the Federal Government's 'Emergency repsonse to protect Aboriginal children in NT'

27 June 2007

SNAICC continues to respond to the Federal government's announced emergency measures to respond to child abuse in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

Our response includes a number of media statements issued since mid last week, comments and interviews with the media, discussions with other Indigenous organisations and the community sector, and discussions with federal Indigenous Affairs Minster Mal Brough's office.

Find out more about SNAICC's response here.


Building a bi-partisan commitment to Indigenous children

29 May 2007

In a media statement, SNAICC's Chairperson Ms Muriel Bamblett has welcomed the Federal ALP' focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in their first major Indigenous policy release, but has called for bi-partisan effort to fully commit to what’s required and to go further.

Read SNAICC's full media statement here.


SNAICC Submission to NT Board of Inquiry into sexual abuse of Aboriginal children 2007

24 April 2007

SNAICC has recommended a major overhaul of the child protection system within the Northern Territory.

Details on SNAICC's detailed submission to the Inquiry are on the Briefing Papers page.




SNAICC Lobby Trip to Canberrra 2006

27 November 2006

SNAICC's Chairperson Muriel Bamblett led a lobby trip to Canberra to put Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children's issues firmly on the policy agenda in Canberra.


SNAICC Annual General Meeting and Members' Forum 2006

13 November 2006

SNAICC members from across the country met in Cairns, Queensland, for SNAICC's Annual General Meeting and Members' Forum from Wednesday 15 to Thursday 16 November 2006. Read the full story here.


New ordering system introduced for SNAICC publications and resources

23 October 2006

SNAICC has introduced a new publications and resources ordering and distribution system to help our members and subscribers order our resources quickly and easily. You can now order our resources directly online or by fax.

Read the full story here.


SNAICC Resource Service Project - Parenting and Men

September 2006

The SNAICC Resource Service (SRS) has produced a series of posters portraying the positive roles Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men play in their children's lives.
View online the Parenting and Men posters

The Launch of the posters is reported in full on The SNAICC media page.


Family Violence Resource Page

July 2006

A new Family Violence Resource Response page has been created on the SNAICC site in response to the recent high public profile, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, children and communities have been given in the mainstream media and in State and Federal Parliaments in connection with family and sexual violence.

It contains a collection of online resources, information and contacts to assist those developing responses to family and domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


State and Territory governments must commit to a national approach to dealing with child abuse and neglect

July 2006

Ahead of last June's National Summit of Australian government ministers on violence in Indigenous communities, SNAICC prepared a briefing paper for all State and Territory Premiers and Chief Ministers that outlined the need for a National Action Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to prevent and respond to child abuse and neglect.

This policy briefing papers is now available from the Briefing Papers page of our website.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children – Time for a National Strategy

SNAICC Media Statement 17 May 2006

The Australian Government must use its leadership role to develop a national strategy to outline a long term commitment to Indigenous children, Muriel Bamblett, Chairperson of SNAICC, Australia’s national peak body for Indigenous children said today.

“The recent controversies surrounding the high rates of child abuse and neglect in Indigenous communities highlight the need for a national commitment to protect our children from harm and secure for them the life opportunities other Australian children enjoy,” she said.

“Australia’s Indigenous communities need long term constructive support from Governments to deal with and move beyond the crisis in family violence, child abuse and child neglect,” Ms Bamblett said.

The full media statement is available here.


SNAICC National Executive Elected for 2006

Updated 12 April 2006

The National Executive for 2006 was elected through a postal ballot and the results confirmed at SNAICC's Annual General Meeting in Darwin in November 2005.

The SNAICC National Executive and Office Bearers for 2006 are as follows:

Muriel Bamblett – Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (SNAICC Chairperson)

Garry Matthews – Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Community Care (Deputy Chair)

Dot Bagshaw – Gurlongga Njinjinj MACS (Perth) (Deputy Chair)

Dawn Wallam – Yorganop (Treasurer)

Natalie Hunter – Karu Aboriginal Child Care Agency (Darwin) (Secretary)

Shirley Wilson – Allira MACS (Dubbo)

Kate Lindsay – Aboriginal Child Family & Community Care State Secretariat NSW (ABSec)

Tanya Ardler – Wreck Bay MACS

Veronica P – Remote Aboriginal Children’s Services Support Unit (Darwin)

Tina Couzens – Kura Yerlo Aboriginal Children’s Centre (SA)

Geraldine Atkinson – Batdja Preschool/ Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. (Victoria)

Ian Davidson – SA Aboriginal Family Support Services (South Australia)

Alison Overeem – Aboriginal Children’s Centre/TAC (Hobart)

Desley Thompson – RAATISCC (Cape York)
Ray Burrowes – Gundoo MACS (Cherbourg)

Debbie Hart – Townsville Child Protection and Alternative Care program

Kathleen Pinkerton – Yorganop (Perth)

Sharron Williams – SA Aboriginal Family Support Services (South Australia)

Lisa Coulson – Tasmanian Aboriginal Child Care Association (Tasmania)



External Evaluator appointed

In October 2005, after a very competitive tendering process, SNAICC was pleased to offer the contract for conducting the External Evaluation of the National Indigenous Family and Children's Resource Service to Beyond and Associates.

Beyond and Associates are a private consultancy firm in South Australia with excellent experience in conducting evaluations and consultancy with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives. The key members of their team are Kathleen Stacey and Sharon Gollan.

We look forward to working with them over the next few years as we work to ensuring the National Resource Service does its best in developing children's and families' resources and initiatives nationally.

SNAICC extends its sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the tendering process.


SNAICC 2005 Annual General Meeting

17– 18 November, Darwin, Northern Territory


This year, SNAICC will hold its Annual General Meeting in Darwin.

Members from across the country will meet to identify SNAICC's priorities and key policy and project initiatives for the next year.

It will be a chance to discuss significant concerns facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and family welfare and early childhood services, including government policies.

The AGM will also receive the Returning Officer's report on the election of the 2006 National Executive.

In Darwin, the new Executive will also have its first meeting to elect SNAICC's Office Bearers and Management Committee for 2006.

SNAICC's full members are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controled child and family welfare, and early childhood services and organisations from all states and territories.

Formal notifications and papers were sent to all members last month. Further queries about the AGM can be directed to the SNAICC Office Manager, Carmen Dunn.

Media inquiries should be directed to Julian Pocock, SNAICC'S Coordinator.

The AGM is only open to SNAICC members, and only full members may participate in electing the SNAICC Executive.

If you want to make find out about SNAICC membership, go to the membership/subscription information page.


2005 National Aboriginal & Islander Children's Day - 4 August

Foster and Kinship Carers – Keeping kids connected to community, family and culture

2 August 2005

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations across Australia will celebrate the importance of children to our communities on National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day, Thursday 4 August 2005.

Ms Muriel Bamblett AM, SNAICC Chairperson, said, ‘This year’s theme highlights the significance of foster and kinship carers in our children’s lives’.

‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have an inherent relationship with their land, family and their community that is the foundation of their identity, culture and spirituality. We must ensure that those who care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children – whether they are immediate family or foster or kinship carers – are supported and encouraged to nurture this relationship fully,’ she said.

The full media release, is available here.

More information is also on our Children's Day page.


Minister opens SNAICC's new National Resource Service

05 May 2005

Senator Kay Patterson, the Federal Minister for Family and Community Services, opened SNAICC's new National Indigenous Family and Children's Resource Service on Wednesday 4 May 2005.


The Minister also launched the National Children's Services Directory, an online directory to help find specialist services for Indigenous children and families. The service directory has been developed by Infoxchange Australia in partnership with SNAICC.


SNAICC has been granted $4 million over four years by the Commonwealth Government to establish and manage the National Resource Service, which is housed as part of SNAICC's new premises in North Fitzroy, Victoria.

Announced last year under the government's National Agenda for Early Childhood and Stronger Families and Communities Strategy, the funding enables SNAICC to recruit more staff, establish the resource centre, develop resources and assist local initiatives aimed at supporting Indigenous children and their families.


The online Service Directory is also funded by the Federal Department of Family and Community Services, through a grant to SNAICC for a Capacity Building Project.



Establisment of National Indigenous Children's and Family Resource Centre.

The Australian Government is to provide SNAICC with $4 million to establish a new national resource centre. Funding has been approved as part of the governments National Agenda for Early Childhood and the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy. The centre will focus on resourcing and supporting Indigenous children's services to deliver programs focused on child abuse prevention, early intervention, family support and early childhood development.

More information about the funding available under the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy can be found at: Stronger Families & Communities Strategy



Our Future Generations: National Indigenous Child Welfare and Development Seminar

As the major event to recognise SNAICC�s 20th anniversary SNAICC convened Our Future Generations the National Indigenous Child Welfare and Development Seminar in July 2003.

The seminar to brought together over 200 key Indigenous agencies working with children and senior policy and Ministerial staff from the Commonwealth and all States and Territories.

A full report with over 50 presentations papers is available from the SNAICC office. A copy of the recommendations from the seminar can be downloaded here and the individual papers will be added to the website shortly.

National Seminar recommendations


Parenting Project

SNAICC carried out a parenting consultation project in partnership with the Department of Family and Community Services during the first six months of 2004. The project consulted with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, carers and families to find out what additional parenting information and support governments should provide.

The project included a national workshop and the final report of the project was being considered by the Government at the time the Federal Election was called. SNAICC intends to publish a report on the project soon after the election.

More information: SNAICC Project Officer, Tracey Borg - 039 482 9380


SNAICC report on Child Abuse in the NT

In July 2003 SNAICC published, State of Denial: the Neglect and Abuse of Indigenous Children in the Northern Territory. The report outlines serious flaws in child protection policy and practice in the NT and includes a series of reform proposals. Since the release of the report the Northern Territory government has announced a review of the child protection system. The review will consider the recommendations from State of Denial, copies of which are available from SNAICC or can be downloaded from;

snaicc publications


Commonwealth AICCA Review

The Commonwealth Government is to review its funding for Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Agencies, AICCAs, over the next 18 months.

SNAICC and the Commonwealth have agreed on the need to review the Commonwealth�s AICCA program and on terms of reference for the review.   SNAICC believes that the AICCAs need additional long term support to work in the area of family support and primary prevention to compliment their funding and activities in relation to child protection and alternative care.

The review will be conducted over the next 18 months and will include an external stakeholder group with representation from SNAICC.